Elemental Monster Wiki

Name: Zeus


Type: L (Legendary)

Element: Light

Family: Divine

Cost: 10

No. 125

Pack: "Birth of Deities"

HP: 109

Agi: 33


Abilities: (In order by Element, Name, Cost, Attack Power, Effect)

- Light / Tempest Cast / 1 / 30 / Increases all of your monster's AGI by 2.

- Light / Sacred Thunder / 4 / 42 / Inflicts 25 splash damage on standby Winged(Demon?) monsters.

SP Skill:

Cost: 6 / Inflicts instant death on the opponent's summoned monster when it is Winged(Demon?).


Cost: 8 / Inflicts instant death on the opponent's standby Winged(Demon?) monsters.




Personal Thoughts: For a whopping casting cost of 10, you can bring out the chief god of the Olympian Pantheon. But that limits the remaining monsters you can bring along. Also, for a god, he's not immune to instant death (Dwarf , anyone?), transformation (Sphinx and their ilk), and element change (Paintman monsters). Even though it's at 109 life, the 33 agility really hurts it, since most of the time, the opponent will have either faster monsters, or monsters with pre-emptive strikes, or some other ability that will wreak Zeus up pretty badly.

Like many monsters in this cost range, it will take a very specialized setup to work around Zeus. On the plus side, Zeus' Tempest Cast will affect him as well, so eventually his AGI will rise up there. Also, it buffs the other monsters in your setup, so it can help. However, since both of Zeus' abilites have a mana associated cost, even if it is just one point, at the beginning it will be difficult to conserve mana. I think Zeus is built for anti-dark, anti-winged monster decks.