Name: Virtue Spica

Type: U (Uncommon)

Element: Earth

Family: Divine

Cost: 6

No. 142

Pack: "Sacred War"

HP: 62

AGI: 35


Ability: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Forest / Flower Beam / 1 / 20 / Decreases the opponent's summoned monster's ATK by 3 and AGI by 3.

- Forest / Earth Shield / 2 / 0 / All of your standby monsters recover [turns passed x 3] HP.

SP Skill:



Cost: 5 / All of your monsters recover [turns passed x 5] in HP.


Decreases the opponent's summoned monster's ATK by 4 and AGI by 4 while this monster is in the standby state.


Personal Thoughts: While Virtue Spica has a similar ability like the Shazzan's Lamp (though that's a -5 to both ATK and AGI of the opponent's summoned monster), Spica has two things going for it. One, she has way more HP (the lamp has only 9 HP), and she has some decent Attacks, or she can be an attacker herself if you're down to the wire and need to pull out some damage to win the fight. With an AGI of 35, she can become a decent fighter, and her Flower Beam (provided that your opponent doesn't swap monsters; swapping removes almost any effects that have been placed upon a monster), can be a great weapon, if given enough time, and Spica survives.

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