Name: Valkyrie

Type: R (Rare)

Element: Light

Family: Divine

Cost: 7

No. 149

Pack: "Sacred War"

HP: 62

AGI: 40


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Light / Shining Force / 3 / 5 / Increases this monster's ATK by [turns passed x 4].**

- non-elemental / Critical Slash / 0 / 24 / Has a 30% chance of a critical hit.

SP Skill:



Cost: 4 / Force-swaps the opponent's summoned monster with their standby Dark monster when there is a Dark in their standby monsters.


Increases your summoned Light monster's AGI by 5 and MAX HP by 10 while this monster is in the standy state.


    • Note: Unlike some monsters that have Attacks that raise their ATK power permanently, Valkyrie's Shining Force does NOT add to her base ATK power permanently. It's a bonus that's re-calculated every turn. For example:

Turn #1: 5 + (round 1 x 4) = 9

Turn #2: 5 + (round 2 x 4) = 13

That's only in regards to her own skill. If you have a monster that adds like +5 ATK to Valkyrie while it's in standby state, that would stick so long as that monster was in standby state. So, to use the above example again:

Turn #1 (+5 ATK bonus from monster) + 5 (from Shining Force base) + (round 1 x 4) = 19

Hope that explains things a bit, and I didn't just confuse the heck out of people.


Personal Thoughts: I've tried using Valkyrie, and I have to say that her permanent Ability is probably her biggest selling point. Critical Slash has a decent chance of pulling off (though I believe there is a monster or monsters that have something like 50% chance of a critical hit, I'll try to check up on that). But Shining Force, while it has potential, it'll take something like 10 turns to really see it shine. And that's just considering the Dark elemental monsters that would take the extra damage from it.

Shining Force also costs 3 mana to execute, and mana may or may not be an issue in the current battle situation you'd find yourself in, using Valkyrie in your setup. Also, with a cost of 7 mana, that might hamper any other monster selections.

I've only used Valkyrie against the CPU, and if I can drag out the fight to at least 7+ turns, that's when Shining Force can come into it's own, but mostly versus Dark element monsters, or unless you pair her up with a Grimoire or use a few Paintmen to change your opponent's element to Dark.

I'm not saying Valkyrie is a bad card, it'll just take some careful planning to include her in your setup.

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