Name: Typhon

Type: R (Rare)

Element: Water & Dark

Family: Demon

Cost: 9

No: 122

Pack: "Birth of Deities"

HP: 127

AGI: 28


Abilities: (Listed in order of Type, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Water / Earth Breaker / 1 / 33 / Increases this monster's ATK by 30 when the opponent's summoned monster is Deity.

- Dark / Armageddon / 2 / 20 Inflicts 20 splash damage on all standby monsters.

SP Skill:

Cost: 6 / Inflicts instant death on the opponent's summoned monster when it is Deity.


Cost: 15 / Inflicts [turns passed x 6] in splash damage on all the opponent's monsters. This monster recieves 50 self damage.




Personal Thoughts: I've only ever really used Typhon versus the computer, seeing as how most players have some pretty good setups to squash Typhon really badly. But, I'll get most of the usual bad points out of the way first. Armageddon is both a good and horrible skill all at the same time. While some standby monsters can be taken out in either one shot or two, you're also hurting yourself at the same time (your own monsters). So for the most part that leaves Typhon only his Earth Breaker. His reverse skill isn't as good as you might think, seeing as how standby monsters may come with 30+ HP. It would take at least 6 turns to pass before you might want to get Typhon into position to spring his reverse skill, but it also costs 15 Mana. And Typhon has really low AGI, which means that he'll have to rely on his HP (unless you decide to pair up Typhon with AGI boosting monsters/field effect).

On the good side, Typhon's Earth Breaker can give him +30 ATK every turn you use it versus a Deity type creature. He also has 127 HP which gives him a fair amount of longevity. His SP Skill is where Typhon can shine, seeing as how it Insta-kills Deity type monsters (provided they're the summoned monster your opponent is using).

The artwork. Typhon reminds me more of a H.P. Lovecraft Cthulu type monster.

Like many of the monsters in this cost range, Typhon is going to need a specialized deck to work around him.

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