Sword Duke Asmodeus

Illustrator: pako ©Hudson

Name: Sword Duke Asmodeus

Mana Cost: 8

HP: 81

Agility: 33

Element: Light

Family: Demon

Card ID: 225

Pack: Proof of Glory

Rarity: SR

Illustrator: pako

Fusion: No

Infinite Sword Attack - Light Element, Mana Cost 5, Damage 1, Enables 5 consecutive attacks.

Angel Eater - Void Element, No Mana Cost, Damage 22, This monster recovers 30 HP when the opponent's summoned monster is Divine.

SP Skill - None

Reverse Skill - Force-swaps the opponent's summoned monster with their standby Divine monster when there is a Divine in their standby monsters.

Ability - While this monster is summoned, when attacked with a Void Element attack, that damage is nullified.

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