Name: Skull Master Nebiros

Type: U (Uncommon)

Element: Dark

Family: Demon

Cost: 5

No. 137

Pack: "Sacred War"

HP: 57

AGI: 36


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Dark / Negative Scales / 1 / 0 / Increases your standby Dark monsters' ATK by 5 and AGI by 5.

- Dark / Summon Undead / 1 / 15 / Inflicts 12 splash damage on all the opponent's standby monsters when there is a Dark in your standby monsters.

SP Skill:



Cost: 4 / Increases all Dark monsters' ATK by 7.*

  • Not just your own, but even your opponent's monsters if they have Dark monsters as well


Nullifies instant death on all of your monsters.


Personal Thoughts: Fantastic artwork, and an awesome monster. To me, her biggest selling point is her Ability. Making your monsters immune to instant death gives them a chance to survive, but only if your opponent's deck is packing instant death inflicting monsters. Still, Nebiros is the ONLY monster that has this ability (as far as I know). She can also buff your other Dark elemental monsters, and deal damage to all your opponent's standby monsters. Her AGI is decent, and she has enough HP to survive and actually see some benefit of her attacks and ability.

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