Shen Long (© 2011 Hudson)

Mana Cost: 9

HP: 73

Agility: 30

Element: Light

Family: Dragon

Card ID: #214

Pack: Ancient War

Rarity: Legendary

Illustrator: Miho Midorikawa


Sacred Breath - Light Element, Mana Cost 3, Damage 1, Increases this monster's ATK by [opponent's summoned monster's Cost x 8] and enables Preemptive Attack.

Holy Eye - Light Element, Mana Cost 1, Damage 15, Inflicts instant death on the opponent's summoned monster when it is Dark Element. Forced to perform Reactive Attack.

No SP Skill

Reverse - Mana Cost 6, The Mana of both parties becomes 0.

Ability - Nullifies Preemptive Attacks on this monster.

Personal Thoughts:

Okay, when I got a booster pack the LAST thing I ever expected to get was this guy. Coincedentally, I was on stage 11-12 in single player mode. As some of you may know, we get the dubious honor of squaring off against a 20 Cost deity level card with mad crazy abilities.

The damage was unreal. The deity card is both Light & Dark. Sacred Breath deals damage equal to 8 TIMES the casting cost. 20 x 8 = 160 Light damage. 160 x 2 = 320. AND it's Preemptive! Needless to say, It was a bit of a close call at one point, but I was able to beat 11-12 (and I've been trying for days, lol.)

Well, unlike most of the high cost cards I've commented on thus far, I don't have too many bad things to say about Shen Long. HP is 73 which isn't too shabby, AGI might be a point of contention, but Sacred Breath allows you to have Preemptive Attack. Holy Eye allows you to insta-kill Dark Element monsters which is never a bad thing, but it's the opposite of a Preemptive Attack. It's a Reactive Attack, which means you give up the first strike to your opponent's summoned monster. And since you would ideally use it against Dark monsters, giving them the first strike may not be a good idea...

Mana-wise, Sacred Breath will carry a toll on you, if you keep using it. It's probably best to have a secondary monster (or monsters) that can buy you some time to build up mana. Giving yourself zero mana along with your opponent (Shen Long's Reverse skill) kind of stumps me, I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to do that to yourself as well.

While Shen Long is immune to Preemptive Attacks (which is never a bad thing), most of the time monsters will just have high AGI and will strike first regardless. Not to mention all the other badness out there that can wreak Shen Long, like Insta-kill, Transformations, Element Changes, stat debuffs.

Played right, I think Shen Long has potential. But all it takes is a crafty opponent out there (and there's no lack of them) and Shen Long's usefulness will be cut short fast.

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