Sacred War is a pack in Elemental Monster that cannot be opened in single player mode. The only way to open this pack is to purchase it from the Playstation Store, or participate in ranked matches. Sacred War is widely considered by many to be the best set.

Sacred War is an overall well balanced pack that includes many stong basic cards such as Gold Whale, Hellhound and Fallen Angel Benetnash while also having some of the strongest advanced cards in the game (Grimoire, Sphinx, Valkyrie need I say more). Sacred War wraps all of these into a strong Light Vs. Dark theme and has some truely baffeling cards just begging for you to build around (Nightmare, Wraith Leeds Murphey, Anubis etc.).

Complete Card List for Sacred War:Edit

Total of: 12 Common, 9 Uncommon, 6 Rare, 3 Legendary Cards -Complete Elemental Monster Card List-

Name Cost Element Family Number Rarity
Thunderbird 3 Light Beast 126 Common
Evil Hawk 3 Dark Beast 127 Common
Nightmare 3 Dark Demon 128 Common
Flower Knight 3 Earth Human 129 Common
Hellhound 4 Fire (Dark)* Beast 130 Common
Phantom Ship 4 Water Demon 131 Common
Gold Whale 4 Light Beast 132 Common
Shelleye 5 Water (Dark)* Beast 133 Common
Sphinx 5 Light Divine 134 Common
Wind Queen Eisha 5 Light Spirit 135 Rare
Beserker 5 Fire (Dark)* Human 136 Common
Skull Master Nebiros 5 Dark Demon 137 Uncommon
Power Antares 6 Fire Divine 138 Uncommon
Death Cancer 6 Water Beast 139 Common
Dominions Vega 6 Water Divine 140 Uncommon
Giant Tarantula 6 Earth (Dark)* Beast 141 Common
Virtue Spica 6 Earth Divine 142 Uncommon
Angel Teresa 6 Light Divine 143 Uncommon
Fallen Angel Benetnash 6 Dark Divine 144 Uncommon
Anubis 6 Dark Divine 145 Uncommon
Grimoire 6 Dark Spirit 146 Uncommon
Seraph Deneb 7 Light Divine 147 Legendary
Astaroth 7 Dark Demon 148 Uncommon
Valkyrie 7 Light Divine 149 Rare
Wraith Leeds Murphey 7 Dark Spirit 150 Rare
Leviathan 8 Water Dragon 151 Rare
Thor 8 Light Divine 152 Rare
Imperfect 8 Dark Demon 153 Rare
Odin 9 Earth (Light)* Divine 154 Legendary
Demon King Zekio 10 Dark Demon 155 Legendary

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