Name: Redcap

Mana Cost: 4

HP: 52

Agility: 35

Element: Fire

Family: Demon

Card ID: 22

Pack: The Legend Begins

Rarity: Common

Illustrator: N/A

Fusion: Yes, 5 cards needed for +8 HP.

Flame Punch - Fire Element, Damage 27, Has a 5% chance of a critical hit.

Bloody Fang - Void Element, Damage 15, Increasis this monster's ATK by 20 when the opponent's summoned monster is Divine.

No SP Skill

Reverse - Mana Cost 5, Cancels parameter changes of the opponent's summoned monster (excluding Field and Ability effects).

Ability - Enables Preemptive Attack when the opponent's summoned monster is Fire.

Personal Thoughts:

This is an excellent card. His reverse skill should read "If the opponent's summoned monster is Sphinx, you win the game" or really any other deck that relies on a grimoire buff. To top it all off, he's an above average combatant with decent agility and damage and really worth the 4 cost. The only issue is that Fire has a lot of really good options in the 4 mana slot and if you aren't playing against a Grimoire deck, they might serve you better.

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