Elemental Monster Wiki

Illustrator: Shintaro Hiue ©Hudson

Mana Cost: 1

HP: 30

Agility: 28

Element: Fire

Family: Beast

Card ID: #1

Pack: The Legend Begins

Rarity: Common

Illustrator: Shintaro Hiue

Fusion: 5 cards needed for +1 Mana Cost and +5 HP

Hot Jelly - Fire Element, No Mana Cost, Damage 14, Has a 10% chance of a critical hit.

No Second Attack

SP Skill - Mana Cost 4, Imposes a swapblock on all summoned monsters for 2 turns.

No Reverse Skill

No Ability

Personal Thoughts:

This is one of the worst cards in the game, and its only uses are to act as fodder to be thrown by Trolls (or Land Dragon Mu) for their cast off attack. It's also useful for the Dwarf's "Ultra Long Throw" attack and if you need to swap block the enemy.

An additional, and often overlooked use of this card, and all other Slimes really, is to act as swap fodder. Essentially, in a scenario when you want to swap your monster but don't want your opponent to get a free hit, a Slime can be sent in to take one for the team.