Illustrator: Ittoku ©Hudson

Mana Cost: 4

HP: 50

Agility: 36

Element: Fire

Family: Beast

Card ID: #23

Pack: The Legend Begins

Rarity: Rare

Illustrator: ITTOKU


Holy Flame - Light Element, Mana Cost 1, Damage 26, Has a 10% chance of a critical hit.

Whirlwind Flight - Void Element, Mana Cost 1, Damage 18, Enables Preemptive Attack.

No SP Skill

Reverse - Mana Cost 6, All of your standby monsters excluding this one recover [turns passed x 3] in HP.

Ability - Nullifies transformation on this monster. Nullifies instant death on this monster.

Personal Thoughts: A pretty good card in the right situation. Monsters with off-element attacks can give you an unexpected edge in an otherwise unfavourable match-up. In this particular case, being able to do full damage to Water types or double damage to Dark types, with a decent Agility, can make the difference. Preemptive Strike is handy, as always. The reverse ability is inefficient but not without it's uses and the low HP prevents this card from being an auto-include.

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