Name: Persephone

Type: U (Uncommon)

Element: Dark

Family: Divine

Cost: 7

No. 116

Pack: "Birth of Deities"

HP: 69

AGI: 32


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Dark / Kiss of Death / 10 / 0 / Inflicts instant death on the opponent's monster

- Dark / Poem of Destruction / 1 / 20 / Inflicts 10 splash damage on all standby monsters.

SP Skill:



Cost: 6 / Inflicts instant death on the opponent's monsters of Cost 7.


Nullifies transformation on this monster. Nullifies instant death on this monster.


Personal Thoughts: I really had no idea what to make of Persephone at first, I mean all the abilities seem good, and finally one Divine card that actually HAS an ability.

Her AGI score is pretty low, but can be compensated for. Her Poem of Destruction is nice for only 1 cost and 20 damage, but it deals damage to every standby monster out there, including your own. Kiss of Death is probably one of the big reasons to bring her along, but at a cost of 10, you're going to have to make your plan of attack carefully.

I've mostly used her versus the CPU, and mainly for her Reverse ability. Have you ever encountered times where you're up against the CPU and you've got one big monster flanked by two dragons? Most of those dragons have a cost of 7 mana. Persephone's Reverse ability will allow you to kill those dragons. I usually set up additional monsters with Persephone only to stall so I can raise up enough mana to use her Kiss of Death on any tough monster the CPU puts out. For those odd occassions where the cpu has a monster immune to instant death, I just have a Morpher Dryad tag along. The Dryad nullfies the opponent monsters Ability (such as immune to instant death).

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