Otherworldly Visitor is the first expansion to Elemental Monster that you are likely to encounter. These packs become available to your mid-way through the single player mode and you can choose to open them instead of the Legend Begins packs. Otherworldly Visitor is available on the single player battles in the second half of the single player mode as well as through ranked online battles.

Otherworldly Visitor is a basic set that expands on the cards in the first pack with solid monsters and equipment such as the Dragons, Wind Sword Zephyrus, Griffon and Djinn. This pack introduces the 'Paintman' cards, each of which can change the enemy monsters element, and more support type creatures (Sligoblin, Leprechaun, Snake Lady Andromeda, etc..). Another addition to the game from Otherworldly Visitor is the Divine family as well as Legendary cards.

Complete Card List for Otherworldly Visitor:Edit

Total of: 12 Common, 9 Uncommon, 6 Rare, 3 Legendary Cards -Complete Elemental Monster card list-

Name Cost Element Family Number Rarity
Space Slime 1 Dark, Light Beast 036 Common
Paintman Red 2 Fire Human 037 Common
Paintman Blue 2 Water Human 038 Common
Paintman Green 2 Earth Human 039 Common
Wind Sword Zephyrus 3 Fire Machine 040 Uncommon
Sligoblin 3 Fire Demon 041 Uncommon
Bird of Paradise 3 Earth Beast 042 Uncommon
Paintman Gold 3 Light Human 043 Common
Leprechaun 3 Light Spirit 044 Uncommon
Paintman Black 3 Dark Human 045 Common
Dwarf 4 Earth Human 046 Common
Troll 4 Earth Human 047 Common
Griffon 4 Light Beast 048 Common
Shazzan 4 Dark Spirit 049 Common
Gloom Armor 4 Dark Machine 050 Uncommon
Snake Lady Andromeda 4 Water Human 051 Rare
Silver Wise Dragon 5 Fire Dragon 052 Common
Cockatrice 5 Light Beast 053 Common
Magma Dancer 5 Fire Human 054 Uncommon
Kraken 6 Water Beast 055 Uncommon
Trent 6 Earth Spirit 056 Rare
Djinn 6 Light Spirit 057 Uncommon
Dullahan 6 Dark Demon 058 Uncommon
Red Dragon 7 Fire Dragon 059 Rare
Blue Dragon 7 Water Dragon 060 Rare
Green Dragon 7 Earth Dragon 061 Rare
Vampire 7 Dark Demon 062 Legendary
Gaia 8 Earth Divine 063 Rare
Beelzebub 8 Dark Demon 064 Legendary
Cherub Sirius 8 Light Divine 065 Legendary

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