Name: Morpher Dryad

Type: C (Common)

Element: Earth

Family: Spirit

Cost: 3

No. 108

Pack: Birth of Deities

HP: 20

AGI: 37


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Forest / Drain / 2 / 18 / Recovers HP equal to 50% of damage inflicted on the opponent's summoned monster.

- Forest / Spore Bomb / 6 / 10 / This monster falls in battle when the attack is used. Inflicts instant death on the opponent's summoned monster when it is R (Rare).

SP Skill





Nullifies the opponent's Ability while this monster is in standby state.


Personal Thoughts: At 20 HP, even if you had in mind the fact that you could absorb HP with the Drain skill, the Dryad would most likely die in the first hit. Spore Bomb might have it's uses, but at a cost of 6, you may be strapped for mana before you could pull it off. Not to mention that if your opponent sees through what you're attempting, they may just switch monsters anyway. Also, some monsters are just immune to instant death...

While those attacks may see some use, I believe it is for the Morpher Dryad's Ability that makes her so invalueable. To be able to shut down your opponent's monsters' Abilities is a very powerful tactic to employ.

Opponent's monsters nullify instant death? Not anymore with the Dryad. It is because of that, you can take in monsters that do inflict instant death, pair them up with the Dryad and wreak some havoc. Maybe your opponent has a monster that provides other bonuses, like AGI up, or ATK up. Maybe even some other kind of protection, or a way to nullify/shut down your own monsters SP Skills or Reverse skills. You may even give the Dryad a second look. While there are other monsters that can nullify the opponent's monsters' Abilities, few of them come at the cost of 3 mana to include with your other monsters.

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