Light Element, shown as a yellow Sun symbol, is the oppsite of the Dark Element in the games. Light Element monsters tend to favor Agility over Damage. The Light Jewel is the first jewel obtained in the Single Player Mode. Light Monsters include many Human (the Person), Spirit (the Smoke), and Divine (the Half-Sun) types. Many players favor Light Element attack because there are no Elements that are resistant to them.

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Data SectionEdit

Light Element Attack Damage by Defending Monster Element
Defending Monster Fire Type Water Type Earth Type Light Type Dark Type
Light Element Attack 100% 100% 100% 100% 200%
Attack Damage Against Defending Light Element Monster
Attack Element Fire Type Water Type Earth Type Light Type Dark Type Void Type
Damage to Light Element 100% 100% 100% 100% 200% 100%

The Following Monsters are Immune (take no damage) to Light Element Damage:

Lightdragon Valhalla

Light Element MonstersEdit

Mana Cost: 1Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Gold Slime Beast The Legend Begins 004 Common
Sacred Gem of Light Machine Legendary Dragons 069 Common
Space Slime* Beast Otherworldly Visitor 036 Common

Mana Cost: 2Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Cait Sith Spirit The Legend Begins 009 Common
Gold Monolith Machine Birth of Deities 102 Common
Sacred Servant Koh Spirit Birth of Deities 103 Common

Mana Cost: 3Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Changeling Spirit Legendary Dragons 075 Uncommon
Djinn's Lamp Machine Emperor's Revenge 158 Uncommon
Heaven's Treasure Machine Legendary Dragons 077 Common
Hermes' Boot Machine The Legend Begins 021 Uncommon
Leprechaun Spirit Otherworldly Visitor 044 Uncommon
Paintman Gold Human Otherworldly Visitor 043 Common
Thunderbird Beast Sacred War 0126 Common
Witch Twins Poa & Pom* Human The Legend Begins 020 Rare

Mana Cost: 4Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Angel Puppet Machine Emperor's Revenge 165 Common
Famitsu Proof of Glory 216 SR (Promo)
Gold Whale Beast Sacred War 132 Common
Griffon Beast Otherworldly Visitor 048 Common
King of Paintman Human Legendary Dragons 079 Uncommon
White Knight Human The Legend Begins 026 Uncommon

Mana Cost: 5Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Cockatrice Beast Otherworldly Visitor 053 Common
Gohen Machine The Legend Begins 031 Uncommon
Lightning Jellyfish* Beast Sacred War 199 Uncommon
Puppetman Hero* Machine Emperor's Revenge 172 Uncommon
Samurai Human Ancient War 197 Common
Sphinx Divine Sacred War 134 Common
Wind Queen Eisha Spirit Sacred War 135 Rare

Mana Cost: 6Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Angel Teresa Divine Sacred War 143 Uncommon
Djinn Spirit Otherworldly Visitor 057 Uncommon
Great Mage Datoh Human Ancient War 202 Rare
Guardian Human Ancient War 206 Uncommon
Horned Beast Albion Beast Proof of Glory 221 SR (Promo)
Large Angel Plumage Machine Birth of Deities 115 Common
Nova Machine Birth of Deities 113 Uncommon
Paladin* Human Ancient War 204 Uncommon
Paladin Holy Rapier Machine Emperor's Revenge 174 Uncommon

Mana Cost: 7Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Gohen Ultra Machine Emperor's Revenge 176 Uncommon
Machine Emperor Knog Divine Emperor's Revenge 177 Legendary
Platina Dragon Dragon Legendary Dragons 086 Rare
Seraph Deneb Divine Sacred War 147 Legendary
Valkyrie Divine Sacred War 149 Rare

Mana Cost: 8Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Cherub Sirius Divine Otherworldly Visitor 065 Legendary
Lightdragon Valhalla Dragon Emperor's Revenge 184 Legendary
Thor Divine Sacred War 152 Rare

Mana Cost: 9Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Apollon Divine Birth of Deities 123 Rare
Sacred Bahamut Dragon Legendary Dragons 094 Legendary
Shen Long Dragon Ancient War 214 Legendary

Mana Cost: 10+Edit

Name Family Cost Pack Number Rarity
Creation God Alfecca* Divine 20 Proof of Glory 235 SR (Promo)
Sky God Hadder Divine 10 Proof of Glory 231 SR (Promo)
Zeus Divine 10 Birth of Deities 109 Legendary

Asterisks mean that the monster has a dual element (usually Light and Dark)

Monsters that Gain Light ElementEdit

Name Elements Family Cost Pack Number Rarity
Aqua Hunter Water, Reverse adds Light Machine 4 Emperor's Revenge 161 Common
Kelpie Water, Reverse adds Light Beast 5 The Legend Begins 029 Uncommon
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