The Legendary Dragons pack is the third expansion in the Elemental Monster game. Unsurprisingly it contains a lot of dragons. You may open cards from the Legendary Dragons pack only at the very end of the single player mode. These packs are available only on level 11-1 after 50 or more battle or from online ranked battles.

Legendary Dragons is an intermediate pack that suplements the previous sets with powerful cards such as Basilisk, Dragon Knight and Land Dragon Mu. Each element is favored equally in the Legendary Dragons pack, recieving 2 powerful new dragons as well as a effective mid-range cards. The set is rounded out with the cycle of Sacred Jewel cards that allow you to change you or your opponents Jewels.

Complete Card List for Legendary Dragons:Edit

Total of: 12 Common, 9 Uncommon, 6 Rare, 3 Legendary Cards -Complete Elemental Monster card list-

Name Cost Element Family Number Rarity
Sacred Gem of Flame 1 Fire Machine 066 Common
Sacred Gem of Water 1 Water Machine 067 Common
Sacred Gem of Forest 1 Earth Machine 068 Common
Sacred Gem of Light 1 Light Machine 069 Common
Sacred Gem of Dark 1 Dark Machine 070 Common
Draggy 2 Fire Dragon 071 Common
Mermaid 2 Water Spirit 072 Common
Fairy 2 Earth Spirit 073 Common
Dark Elf 2 Dark Spirit 074 Common
Changeling 3 Light Spirit 075 Uncommon
Deep Sea Treasure 3 Water Machine 076 Common
Heaven's Treasure 3 Light Machine 077 Common
Dragonewt 4 Fire Dragon 078 Uncommon
King of Paintman 4 Light Human 079 Uncommon
Queen of Paintman 4 Dark Human 080 Uncommon
Flame Plant 5 Earth, Fire Beast 081 Common
Naga 5 Water, Earth Demon 082 Uncommon
Basilisk 5 Earth Dragon 083 Uncommon
Dragon Knight 5 Earth Dragon 084 Uncommon
Magmasaurus 6 Fire Dragon 085 Uncommon
Platina Dragon 7 Light Dragon 086 Rare
Black Dragon 7 Dark Dragon 087 Rare
Flame Snake Brutus 8 Fire Dragon 088 Uncommon
Swamp Snake Nidhoggr 8 Water Dragon 089 Rare
Forest Dragon Ladon 8 Earth Dragon 090 Rare
Yamata no Orochi 9 Fire Dragon 091 Rare
Ice Dragon 9 Water Dragon 092 Legendary
Land Dragon Mu 9 Earth Dragon 093 Rare
Sacred Bahamut 9 Light Dragon 094 Legendary
Dragonking Barbarossa 9 Dark Dragon 095 Legendary

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