Name: Large Angel Plumage

Type: C (Common)

Element: Light

Family: Machine

Cost: 6

No. 115

Pack: "Birth of Deities"

HP: 24

AGI: 25


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Light / Holy Ray / 1 / 20 / Decreases the opponent's summoned monster's ATK by 1 and AGI by 1.

SP Skill:



Inflicts 25 splash damage on all Demonic monsters.


Increases your summoned monster's AGI by 10 while this monster is in the standy state.


Personal Thoughts: Well, the HP is horrible, the AGI could be better, and the Attack it has probably won't be of much use, before your opponent kills it. The Reverse skill is okay, but only if your opponent has a bunch of Demon type monsters.

What really sells this monster is it's Ability of +10 AGI to your summoned monster. While I haven't really used the Plumage in my decks versus human opponents, it does wonderfully in your decks against the computer. If all your setup ever needs is just a big AGI bonus to push your monster into getting the first hit with their attacks, then this card will do wonders. It's like a Hermes' Boot , but all the time, and applies to all your monsters. The 6 cost can be a point of concern, but if you have the right monster(s) paired up with this thing it can help.

This is probably one of my favorite cards to use, especially with monsters I've set alongside it that have under 35 AGI. At least versus the computer you can plan it out. A lot of the usual bad things can happen to it, Insta-death, Transformation, Element change, debuffs, and one more: splash damage. Nova, for example can deal 22 damage to a standby monster with it's Reverse ability. While this monster has enough HP to take one, maybe two hits of damage that affects all your monsters, it's another threat to consider. Also, monsters that disable Ability effects, like Morpher Dryad or Dominions Vega can ruin this (the computer does run a Dominions Vega in some of it's setups, so it's something to be wary of).

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