Mana Cost: 6

HP: 48

Agility: 36

Element: Light

Family: Beast

Card ID: #221 "Proof of Glory "

Rarity: Super Rare


Holy Therapy - 1 Cost, 19 Damage, Your Light Element monsters recover 10 HP.

White Sanctuary - 1 Cost, 0 Damage, Enables Preemptive Attack, All of your standby monsters recover 20 HP.

SP Skill - 4 Cost, Your Summoned monster recovers 16 HP.

Reverse - 3 Cost, Your monster of highest Cost other than this one recovers 30 HP.

No Ability


This card is only won by placing in top 35% in tournament when it is the prize displayed. Meant to be standby creature to support your main (if not only) damage-dealer. Total Crap. I wouldn't bother, there are better buff monsters out there.

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