Illustrator: Shishizaru ©Hudson

Mana Cost: 5

HP: 61

Agility: 34

Element: Light

Family: Machine

Card ID: #31

Pack: The Legend Begins

Rarity: Uncommon

Illustrator: Shishizaru

Fusion: 4 cards needed for +1 Mana Cost and +9 HP

Reversal - Light Element, Mana Cost 1, Damage 24, Increases this monster's ATK by [turns passed x 1].

Golem Beam - Dark Element, Mana Cost 1, Damage 18, Inflicts 7 splash damage on all the opponent's standby monsters.

SP Skill - Mana Cost 11, This monster falls in battle when the attack is used. Inflicts [turns passed x 4] in splash damage on the opponent's summoned monster.

Reverse - Mana Cost 3, Changes the Element of your monster with the highest Cost other than this one to Light Element.

No Ability

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