Elemental Monster Wiki

There are 5 different Formations in Elemental Monster. There are also 5 different jewels (one for each Element, not including no jewel) so there are a over 25 different formations for you to choose from.

Data Section

The formations in Elemental monster determine what bonuses your monsters can recieve from the field, there is a formation for each of the following attributes: Attack, Agility and HP as well as two formations that boost all three of these. The different formations can all be found in the singleplayer mode. All the formations and their locations are listed below:

Formation Type Favored Element Bonus Available
Normal Formation (default formation) +1 to Hp, Attack and Agility Default
Offensive Formation +3 Attack Chapter 2
Defensive Formation +6 Hp Chapter 3
Wing Formation +3 Agility Chapter 4
Separate Formation (up to 4 monters) +6 Hp, +3 Attack and +3 Agility Chapter 5

Note that the formations' bonuses only affect the monster whose element matches the jewel's element. The jewels are as follows:

Normal (Default, no element) Monsters do not gain formation bonus Default
Light Jewel Light Element monsters gain bonuses Finish Chapter 1
Fire Jewel Fire Element monsters gain bonuses Finish Chapter 2
Water Jewel Water Element monsters gain bonuses Finish Chapter 3
Dark Jewel Dark Element monsters gain bonuses Finish Chapter 4
Wood Jewel Earth Element monsters gain bonuses Finish Chapter 5

Note that different Formations can effect your Mana Gains.

Monsters that Effect Formations

Name Effect Element Cost Family Number Pack Rarity
Fire Puppet Changes to Offense* Fire 4 Machine 160 Emperor's Revenge Common
Ice Puppet Changes to Defense* Water 4 Machine 162 Emperor's Revenge Common
Forest Puppet Changes to Normal* Earth 4 Machine 163 Emperor's Revenge Common
Angel Puppet Changes to Wing* Light 4 Machine 165 Emperor's Revenge Common
Dark Puppet Changes to Separate** Dark 4 Machine 166 Emperor's Revenge Common
  1. Each Puppet monster can effect your formation with its Reverse and your opponent's formation with its SP skill.
  2. The effected player must have two or less rows for Dark Puppet to changes their formation to Separate.

Monsters that Effect Jewels

Name Effect Element Cost Family Number Pack Rarity
Snake Lady Andromeda Light Water 4 Human 051 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Sacred Gem of Flame Fire Fire 1 Machine 066 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Water Water Water 1 Machine 067 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Forest Earth Earth 1 Machine 068 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Light Light Light 1 Machine 069 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Dark Dark Dark 1 Machine 070 Legendary Dragons Common
Red Monolith Fire Fire 2 Machine 097 Birth of Deities Common
Blue Monolith Water Water 2 Machine 099 Birth of Deities Common
Green Monolith Earth Earth 2 Machine 101 Birth of Deities Common
Gold Monolith Light Light 2 Machine 102 Birth of Deities Common
Black Monolith Dark Dark 2 Machine 105 Birth of Deities Common