Fire Element is the foil of Earth Element in the Elemental Monster game. The Fire Element is shown as a red flame on the monster cards and Fire Element monsters tend to favor Damage but otherwise have average attributes. Fire Element monsters have many different types but not many Divine (the Half Sun) creatures. The Fire Jewel is the second jewel obtained in single player mode. Many players favor Fire Element Monsters simply because many exceptional creatures are Fire Element.

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Data SectionEdit

Fire Element Attack Damage by Defending Monster Element
Defending Monster Fire Type Water Type Earth Type Light Type Dark Type
Fire Element Attack 100% 50% 200% 100% 100%
Attack Damage Against Defending Fire Element Monster
Attack Element Fire Type Water Type Earth Type Light Type Dark Type Void Type
Damage to Fire Element 100% 200% 50% 100% 100% 100%

The Following Monsters are Immune (take no damage) to Fire Element Damage:

Firedragon Muspelheim, Behemoth

Fire Element MonstersEdit

Mana Cost: 1Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Dragonslayer Balmung Machine Emperor's Revenge 156 Common
Red Slime Beast The Legend Begins 001 Common
Sacred Gem of Flame Machine Legendary Dragons 066 Common

Mana Cost: 2Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Draggy Dragon Legendary Dragons 071 Common
Ifrin Spirit Ancient War 186 Common
Paintman Red Human Otherworldly Visitor 037 Common
Red Monolith Machine Birth of Deities 097 Common
Sacred Servant Enne Spirit Birth of Deities 096 Common
Will o' the Wisp Spirit The Legend Begins 006 Common

Mana Cost: 3Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Flame Knight Human The Legend Begins 012 Common
Flaming Phoenix Beast Ancient War 187 Common
Minotaur Demon The Legend Begins 013 Uncommon
Sligoblin Demon Otherworldly Visitor 041 Uncommon
Wind Sword Zephyrus Machine Otherworldly Visitor 040 Uncommon

Mana Cost: 4Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Dragonewt Dragon Legendary Dragons 078 Uncommon
Fire Puppet Machine Emperor's Revenge 160 Common
Hellhound* Beast Sacred War 130 Common
Phoenix Beast The Legend Begins 023 Rare
Redcap Demon The Legend Begins 022 Common
Ruby Knight Human Ancient War 191 Common
Weaponsmith Koto Human Emperor's Revenge 167 Rare

Mana Cost: 5Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Beserker* Human Sacred War 136 Common
Fire God Warrior Machine Emperor's Revenge 169 Common
Flame Plant* Beast Legendary Dragons 081 Common
Kyubi Beast Ancient War 194 Common
Magma Dancer Human Otherworldly Visitor 054 Uncommon
Salamander Spirit Birth of Deities 109 Uncommon
Silver Wise Dragon Dragon Otherworldly Visitor 052 Common

Mana Cost: 6Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Battle Knight* Human Ancient War 203 Uncommon
Chimera Beast The Legend Begins 035 Rare
Dragon Rider Human Ancient War 208 Rare
EX Chimera Beast Proof of Glory 220 SR (Promo)
Magmasaurus Dragon Legendary Dragons 085 Uncommon
Molten Demon King Machine Emperor's Revenge 173 Uncommon
Power Antares Divine Sacred War 138 Uncommon

Mana Cost: 7Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Commander Belial* Demon Birth of Deities 117 Uncommon
Dragon Hunter* Human Ancient War 211 Rare
Gladiator Human Ancient War 208 Uncommon
Red Dragon Dragon Otherworldly Visitor 059 Rare

Mana Cost: 8Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Athena Divine Birth of Deities 119 Rare
Behemoth Spirit Ancient War 212 Legendary
EX Ogre* Demon Proof of Glory 224 SR (Promo)
Firedragon Muspelheim Dragon Emperor's Revenge 181 Rare
Flame Snake Brutus Dragon Legendary Dragons 088 Uncommon
Ogre* Demon Ancient War 213 Uncommon

Mana Cost: 9Edit

Name Family Pack Number Rarity
Yamata no Orochi Dragon Legendary Dragons 091 Rare

Mana Cost: 10+Edit

Name Family Cost Pack Number Rarity
Fire God Tashin Divine 10 Proof of Glory 228 SR (Promo)
Galaxy Dragon Dragon 10 Proof of Glory 234 SR (Promo)

Asterisks mean that the monster has a dual element.

Monsters that Gain Fire ElementEdit

Name Elements Family Cost Pack Number Rarity
Apollon Light, Reverse adds Fire Divine 9 Birth of Deities 123 Rare
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