<plb_layout val_1="4" val_2="SASUMU MATSUSHITA" val_3="" val_11="10" val_17="" val_18="34" val_19="LIGHT" val_20="SPIRIT" val_21="216" val_22="PROOF OF GLORY" val_23="SUPER RARE" val_25="NO" val_26="UNLIMITED GAME INFO -VOID ATTACK, 4 MANA COST, 99 DAMAGE" val_27="THURSDAY RELEASE -EARTH ELELMENT, NO MANA COST, 10 DAMAGE, HAS A 50% CHANCE OF A CRITICAL HIT. INCREASES YOUR MANA BY 1." val_28="no sp skill" val_29="no reverse" val_30="no ability" val_31="FAMITSU" layout_id="2276" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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