Emperor's Revenge is an expansion for the Elemental Monster game that is not available through singleplayer mode. Cards from this pack are available only from online ranked matches or purchased from the Playstation Store.

The Emperor's Revenge pack has a Machine family theme and as such nearly every single monster card is a Machine type or has some mechanic that involves machines. A large number of advanced cards make for some of the most interesing build-around cards in the game, such as the cycle of puppets that can modify players formations and elemental warriors that can modify other monsters elements multiple times. Emperor's Revenge also contains good support cards (Djinn's Lamp, Weaponsmith Koto etc.) strong mid-range monsters (Paladin Holy Rapier, Gigantic Golem and Giant Ouroboros) as well as an entire cycle of Dragons that are immune to damage from their own Element.

Complete Card List for Emperor's Revenge:Edit

Total of: 12 Common, 9 Uncommon, 6 Rare, 3 Legendary Cards -Complete Elemental Monster card list-

Names Cost Element Family Number Rarity
Dragonslayer Balmung 1 Fire Machine 156 Common
Leraje's Magic Bow 1 Earth Machine 157 Common
Djinn's Lamp 3 Light Machine 158 Uncommon
Shazzan's Lamp 3 Dark Machine 159 Uncommon
Fire Puppet 4 Fire Machine 160 Common
Aqua Hunter 4 Water (Light)* Machine 161 Common
Ice Puppet 4 Water Machine 162 Common
Forest Puppet 4 Earth Machine 163 Common
Forest Hunter 4 Earth Machine 164 Common
Angel Puppet 4 Light Machine 165 Common
Dark Puppet 4 Dark Machine 166 Common
Weaponsmith Koto 4 Fire Human 167 Rare
Puppetmistress Lica 4 Water Human 168 Rare
Fire God Warrior 5 Fire Machine 169 Common
Water God Warrior 5 Water Machine 170 Common
Forest God Warrior 5 Earth Machine 171 Common
Puppetman Hero 5 Light, Earth Machine 172 Uncommon
Molten Demon King 6 Fire Machine 173 Uncommon
Paladin Holy Rapier 6 Light Machine 174 Uncommon
Doomsday Clock Fin 6 Dark Machine 175 Uncommon
Gohen Ultra 7 Light Machine 176 Uncommon
Machine Emperor Knog 7 Light Divine 177 Legendary
Gigantic Golem 7 Dark Machine 178 Uncommon
Giant Ouroboros 7 Water Machine 179 Uncommon
Neo Beast Ilizion 7 Earth Machine 180 Rare
Firedragon Muspelheim 8 Fire Dragon 181 Rare
Abyss Dragon Blue Mist 8 Water Dragon 182 Rare
Fortdragon Yggdrasil 8 Earth Dragon 183 Rare
Lightdragon Valhalla 8 Light Dragon 184 Legendary
Battledragon Helheim 8 Dark Dragon 185 Legendary

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