Mana Cost: 8

HP: 92

Agility: 33

Element: Fire & Water

Family: Demon

Card ID: #224 "Proof of Glory "

Rarity: Super Rare


Harsh Blizzard - Element: Water, 1 Cost, 22 Damage, Usable only on even turns. Inflicts 11 splash damage on all the opponent's standby monsters.

Ogre Hammer - Element: Fire, 0 Cost, 37 Damage, Usuable only on odd turns.

No SP Skill

Reverse - Decrease the opponent's Mana by 10

Ability - Nullifies Preemtive and consecutive attacks on this monster.


This card is only won by placing in top 35% in tournament when it is the prize displayed. Weak attacks countered by the fact this is a multi-element Fire/Water Monster. Reverse is awesome against harder opponents and Ability basically makes you invincible to Dragons.

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