Illustrator: NINNIN ©Hudson

Mana Cost: 4

HP: 54

Agility: 35

Element: Earth

Family: Human

Card ID: #46

Pack: Otherworldly Visitor

Rarity: Common

Illustrator: NINNIN

Fusion: 5 cards needed for +1 Mana Cost and +8 HP

Dwarf Axe - Earth Element, No Mana Cost, Damage 24, Has a 5% chance of a critical hit;

Ultra Long Throw - Void Element, Mana Cost 2, Damage 0, Sacrifices your standby monster with the highest Cost and inflicts instant death on the opponent's standby monster with the highest Cost.

SP Skill - Mana Cost 5, Sacrifices a standby monster other than this one and inflicts 25 splash damage on the opponent's summoned monster.

No Reverse Skill

No Ability

Personal Thoughts:

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