Dullahan A

Illustrator: Yosuke Adachi ©Hudson

Mana Cost:

HP: 60

Agility: 33

Element: Dark

Family: Demon

Card ID: #58

Pack: Otherworldly Visitor

Rarity: Uncommon

Illustrator: Yosuke Adachi


Darkness Bringer - Dark Element, Mana Cost 3, Damage 24, Inflicts instant death on the opponent's summoned monster when it is Beast Family.

Grudge - Dark Element, Mana Cost 3, Damage 20, Recovers HP equal to 50% of damae inflicted on the opoonent's summoned monster.

No SP Skill

Reverse - Mana Cost 6, Increases this monster's ATK by 10. This monster receives 10 self damage.

Ability - Nullifies Preemptive Attacks on this monster. Nullifies consecutive attacks on this monster.

Personal Thoughts:

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