File:95. Dragonking Barbarossa.png

Dragonking Barbarossa (© 1997-2010 Group SNE ⁄ Fujishimobo‚ Broccoli)

Mana Cost: 9

HP: 104

Agility: 33

Element: Dark

Family: Dragon

Card ID: #95

Pack: Legendary Dragons

Rarity: Legendary

Illustrator: Katsuya Terada


Infernal Breath - Dark Element, Mana Cost 3, Damage 9, Enables 3 consecutive attacks.

Emperor Dragon Eye - Dark Element, Mana Cost 1, Damage 24, Decreases the opponent's summoned monster's ATK by 5 and AGI by 5.

No SP Skill

No Reverse Skill

Ability - While this monster is summoned, when the opponent's summoned monster Cost is 2 or less, damage from the opponent is nullified.

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