Name: Commander Belial

Type: U (Uncommon)

Element: Fire & Dark

Family: Demon

Cost: 7

No. 117

Pack: "Birth of Deities"

HP: 81

AGI: 33


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Fire / Infernal Fire / no cost / 22 / Increases this monster's ATK by 15 when there is a Demon monster in your standby monsters.

- Dark / Infernal Demon Sword / 2 / 12 / Enables 2 consecutive attacks. Imposes swapblock on the opponent's summoned monster for 3 turns.

SP Skill:



Cost: 6 / Usable when there are 6 monsters on the field. Inflicts instant death on the opponent's standby monster with the lowest Cost.


Increases your summoned Demon monster's ATK by 5 while this monster is in the standby state.


Personal Thoughts: Only ever really used Belial against the computer, and then for just his Reverse ability. His other abilities aren't bad either, he has good HP but his AGI needs work (honestly if a monster's AGI isn't at least 35 not counting bonuses, I have my doubts as to how they'll survive without putting in other monsters to compensate. Anything lower than 30 is really pushing it, unless the attacks/ability is just that good...)

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