Cherub Sirius

Name: Cherub Sirius

Mana Cost: 8

HP: 79

Agility: 37

Element: Light

Family: Divine

Card ID: 065

Pack: Otherworldly Visitor

Rarity: Legend

Illustrator: Yuichi Maekawa

Fusion: Yes

Shekinah, Light, 1 Mana Cost, 20atk, Increases this monster's splash damage by 4

Sword of Lahat, Fire, 2 Mana Cost, 24 atk, Inflicts 6 splash damage on all the opponent's stanby monsters.


6 Mana Cost, Increases this monster's ATK by {turns passed x2}

While this monster is in stanby state, nullifies instant death and Preemptive Attacks on your summoned monster.

Personal Thoughts:

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