Elemental Monster Wiki
Illustrator: KOU1 ©Hudson

Name: Chaos Shark

Mana Cost: 3

HP: 47

Agility: 32

Element: Dark

Family: Beast

Card ID: 19

Pack: The Legend Begins

Rarity: Common

Illustrator: KOU1

Fusion: Yes

Drain Fang - Cost 3, Damage 20, Recover HP Equal to 50% of damage inflicted on opponent's monster

Infernal Fang - Damage 21, Has a 60% chance of poisoning the opponent's summoned monster


Cost 3, Opponent's summoned monster is swapblocked for 2 turns

While summoned, when attacked by an attack of 20 ATK or less, that damage is nullified.

Personal Thoughts:

A much better defensive card than killer shark, the Chaos Shark has a higher damage negation ability, an attack that recovers HP and the ability to poison the opponent's monster with a free attack that also deals decent damage. Slightly low agility and average hp are the only drawbacks on this card.