There are currently 235 cards you can encounter in this game and here is a list showing them all!

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{C {C}Element Notes: Asterisks (*) mean that the monster is able to gain a second element.

The Legend Begins

Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Red Slime 1 Fire Beast 001 The Legend Begins Common
Blue Slime 1 Water Beast 002 The Legend Begins Common
Green Slime 1 Earth Beast 003 The Legend Begins Common
Gold Slime 1 Light Beast 004 The Legend Begins Common
Black Slime 1 Dark Beast 005 The Legend Begins Common
Will o' the Wisp 2 Fire Spirit 006 The Legend Begins Common
Killer Shark 2 Water Beast 007 The Legend Begins Common
Bee Bee 2 Earth Spirit 008 The Legend Begins Common
Cait Sith 2 Light Spirit 009 The Legend Begins Common
Skelly 2 Dark Demon 010 The Legend Begins Common
Korpokkur 3 Earth Spirit 011 The Legend Begins Common
Flame Knight 3 Fire Human 012 The Legend Begins Common
Minotaur 3 Fire Demon 013 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Aqua Knight 3 Water Human 014 The Legend Begins Common
Lizardman 3 Water Dragon 015 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Aqua Dragon's Shield 3 Water Machine 016 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Centaur 3 Earth Human 017 The Legend Begins Common
Earth Bow 3 Earth Machine 018 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Chaos Shark 3 Dark Beast 019 The Legend Begins Common
Witch Twins Poa & Pom 3 Dark, Light Human 020 The Legend Begins Rare
Hermes' Boot 3 Light Machine 021 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Redcap 4 Fire Demon 022 The Legend Begins Common
Phoenix 4 Fire Beast 023 The Legend Begins Rare
King Whale 4 Water Beast 024 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Lamia 4 Earth Demon 025 The Legend Begins Uncommon
White Knight 4 Light Human 026 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Golem 4 Dark Machine 027 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Black Knight 4 Dark Human 028 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Kelpie 5 Water (Light)* Beast 029 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Rafflesia 5 Earth Beast 030 The Legend Begins Common
Gohen 5 Light Machine 031 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Gargoyle 5 Dark Demon 032 The Legend Begins Common
Doppelganger 5 Dark Demon 033 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Centaur Knight 6 Earth Human 034 The Legend Begins Uncommon
Chimera 6 Fire Beast 035 The Legend Begins Rare

Otherworldly Visitor

Image Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Space Slime 1

Light, Dark

Beast 036 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Paintman Red 2 Fire Human 037 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Paintman Blue 2 Water Human 038 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Paintman Green 2 Earth Human 039 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Wind Sword Zephyrus 3 Fire Machine 040 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Sligoblin 3 Fire Demon 041 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Bird of Paradise 3 Earth Beast 042 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Paintman Gold 3 Light Human 043 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Leprechaun 3 Light Spirit 044 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Paintman Black 3 Dark Human 045 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Dwarf 4 Earth Human 046 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Troll 4 Earth Human 047 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Griffon 4 Light Beast 048 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Shazzan 4 Dark Spirit 049 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Gloom Armor 4 Dark Machine 050 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Snake Lady Andromeda 4 Water Human 051 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Silver Wise Dragon 5 Fire Dragon 052 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Cockatrice 5 Light Beast 053 Otherworldly Visitor Common
Magma Dancer 5 Fire Human 054 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Kraken 6 Water Beast 055 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Trent 6 Earth Spirit 056 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Djinn 6 Light Spirit 057 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Dullahan 6 Dark Demon 058 Otherworldly Visitor Uncommon
Red Dragon 7 Fire Dragon 059 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Blue Dragon 7 Water Dragon 060 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Green Dragon 7 Earth Dragon 061 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Vampire 7 Dark Demon 062 Otherworldly Visitor Legendary
Gaia 8 Earth Divine 063 Otherworldly Visitor Rare
Beelzebub 8 Dark Demon 064 Otherworldly Visitor Legendary
Cherub Sirius 8 Light Divine 065 Otherworldly Visitor


Legendary Dragons

Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Sacred Gem of Flame 1 Fire Machine 066 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Water 1 Water Machine 067 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Forest 1 Earth Machine 068 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Light 1 Light Machine 069 Legendary Dragons Common
Sacred Gem of Dark 1 Dark Machine 070 Legendary Dragons Common
Draggy 2 Fire Dragon 071 Legendary Dragons Common
Mermaid 2 Water Spirit 072 Legendary Dragons Common
Fairy 2 Earth Spirit 073 Legendary Dragons Common
Dark Elf 2 Dark Spirit 074 Legendary Dragons Common
Changeling 3 Light Spirit 075 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Deep Sea Treasure 3 Water Machine 076 Legendary Dragons Common
Heaven's Treasure 3 Light Machine 077 Legendary Dragons Common
Dragonewt 4 Fire Dragon 078 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
King of Paintman 4 Light Human 079 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Queen of Paintman 4 Dark Human 080 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Flame Plant 5 Earth, Fire Beast 081 Legendary Dragons Common
Naga 5 Water, Earth Demon 082 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Basilisk 5 Earth Dragon 083 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Dragon Knight 5 Earth Dragon 084 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Magmasaurus 6 Fire Dragon 085 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Platina Dragon 7 Light Dragon 086 Legendary Dragons Rare
Black Dragon 7 Dark Dragon 087 Legendary Dragons Rare
Flame Snake Brutus 8 Fire Dragon 088 Legendary Dragons Uncommon
Swamp Snake Nidhoggr 8 Water Dragon 089 Legendary Dragons Rare
Forest Dragon Ladon 8 Earth Dragon 090 Legendary Dragons Rare
Yamata no Orochi 9 Fire Dragon 091 Legendary Dragons Rare
Ice Dragon 9 Water Dragon 092 Legendary Dragons Legendary
Land Dragon Mu 9 Earth Dragon 093 Legendary Dragons Rare
Sacred Bahamut 9 Light Dragon 094 Legendary Dragons Legendary
Dragonking Barbarossa 9 Dark Dragon 095 Legendary Dragons Legendary

Birth of Deities

Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Sacred Servant Enne 2 Fire Spirit 096 Birth of Deities Common
Red Monolith 2 Fire Machine 097 Birth of Deities Common
Sacred Servant Sui 2 Water Spirit 098 Birth of Deities Common
Blue Monolith 2 Water Machine 099 Birth of Deities Common
Sacred Servant Moku 2 Earth Spirit 100 Birth of Deities Common
Green Monolith 2 Earth Machine 101 Birth of Deities Common
Gold Monolith 2 Light Machine 102 Birth of Deities Common
Sacred Servant Koh 2 Light Spirit 103 Birth of Deities Common
Sacred Servant Ann 2 Dark Spirit 104 Birth of Deities Common
Black Monolith 2 Dark Machine 105 Birth of Deities Common
Frau 3 Water Spirit 106 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Incense Magic Kara 3 Water Demon 107 Birth of Deities Legendary
Morpher Dryad 3 Earth Spirit 108 Birth of Deities Common
Salamander 5 Fire Spirit 109 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Undine 5 Water Spirit 110 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Gnome 5 Earth Spirit 111 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Cerberus 5 Dark Beast 112 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Nova 6 Light Machine 113 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Medousa 6 Water Demon 114 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Large Angel Plumage 6 Light Machine 115 Birth of Deities Common
Persephone 7 Dark Divine 116 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Commander Belial 7 Fire, Dark Demon 117 Birth of Deities Uncommon
Beast Leader Vasago 7 Dark Demon 118 Birth of Deities Rare
Athena 8 Fire Divine 119 Birth of Deities Rare
Poseidon 8 Water Divine 120 Birth of Deities Rare
Ares 8 Earth Divine 121 Birth of Deities Rare
Typhon 9 Water, Dark Demon 122 Birth of Deities Rare
Apollon 9 Light Divine 123 Birth of Deities Rare
Hades 9 Dark Divine 124 Birth of Deities Legendary
Zeus 10 Light Divine 125 Birth of Deities Legendary

Sacred War

Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Thunderbird 3 Light Beast 126 Sacred War Common
Evil Hawk 3 Dark Beast 127 Sacred War Common
Nightmare 3 Dark Demon 128 Sacred War Common
Flower Knight 3 Earth Human 129 Sacred War Common
Hellhound 4 Fire (Dark)* Beast 130 Sacred War Common
Phantom Ship 4 Water Demon 131 Sacred War Common
Gold Whale 4 Light Beast 132 Sacred War Common
Shelleye 5 Water (Dark)* Beast 133 Sacred War Common
Sphinx 5 Light Divine 134 Sacred War Common
Wind Queen Eisha 5 Light Spirit 135 Sacred War Rare
Beserker 5 Fire (Dark)* Human 136 Sacred War Common
Skull Master Nebiros 5 Dark Demon 137 Sacred War Uncommon
Power Antares 6 Fire Divine 138 Sacred War Uncommon
Death Cancer 6 Water Beast 139 Sacred War Common
Dominions Vega 6 Water Divine 140 Sacred War Uncommon
Giant Tarantula 6 Earth (Dark)* Beast 141 Sacred War Common
Virtue Spica 6 Earth Divine 142 Sacred War Uncommon
Angel Teresa 6 Light Divine 143 Sacred War Uncommon
Fallen Angel Benetnash 6 Dark Divine 144 Sacred War Uncommon
Anubis 6 Dark Divine 145 Sacred War Uncommon
Grimoire 6 Dark Spirit 146 Sacred War Uncommon
Seraph Deneb 7 Light Divine 147 Sacred War Legendary
Astaroth 7 Dark Demon 148 Sacred War Uncommon
Valkyrie 7 Light Divine 149 Sacred War Rare
Wraith Leeds Murphey 7 Dark Spirit 150 Sacred War Rare
Leviathan 8 Water Dragon 151 Sacred War Rare
Thor 8 Light Divine 152 Sacred War Rare
Imperfect 8 Dark Demon 153 Sacred War Rare
Odin 9 Earth (Light)* Divine 154 Sacred War Legendary
Demon King Zekio 10 Dark Demon 155 Sacred War Legendary

Emperor's Revenge

Names Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Dragonslayer Balmung 1 Fire Machine 156 Emperor's Revenge Common
Leraje's Magic Bow 1 Earth Machine 157 Emperor's Revenge Common
Djinn's Lamp 3 Light Machine 158 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Shazzan's Lamp 3 Dark Machine 159 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Fire Puppet 4 Fire Machine 160 Emperor's Revenge Common
Aqua Hunter 4 Water (Light)* Machine 161 Emperor's Revenge Common
Ice Puppet 4 Water Machine 162 Emperor's Revenge Common
Forest Puppet 4 Earth Machine 163 Emperor's Revenge Common
Forest Hunter 4 Earth Machine 164 Emperor's Revenge Common
Angel Puppet 4 Light Machine 165 Emperor's Revenge Common
Dark Puppet 4 Dark Machine 166 Emperor's Revenge Common
Weaponsmith Koto 4 Fire Human 167 Emperor's Revenge Rare
Puppetmistress Lica 4 Water Human 168 Emperor's Revenge Rare
Fire God Warrior 5 Fire Machine 169 Emperor's Revenge Common
Water God Warrior 5 Water Machine 170 Emperor's Revenge Common
Forest God Warrior 5 Earth Machine 171 Emperor's Revenge Common
Puppetman Hero 5 Light, Earth Machine 172 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Molten Demon King 6 Fire Machine 173 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Paladin Holy Rapier 6 Light Machine 174 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Doomsday Clock Fin 6 Dark Machine 175 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Gohen Ultra 7 Light Machine 176 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Machine Emperor Knog 7 Light Divine 177 Emperor's Revenge Legendary
Gigantic Golem 7 Dark Machine 178 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Giant Ouroboros 7 Water Machine 179 Emperor's Revenge Uncommon
Neo Beast Ilizion 7 Earth Machine 180 Emperor's Revenge Rare
Firedragon Muspelheim 8 Fire Dragon 181 Emperor's Revenge Rare
Abyss Dragon Blue Mist 8 Water Dragon 182 Emperor's Revenge Rare
Fortdragon Yggdrasil 8 Earth Dragon 183 Emperor's Revenge Rare
Lightdragon Valhalla 8 Light Dragon 184 Emperor's Revenge Legendary
Battledragon Helheim 8 Dark Dragon 185 Emperor's Revenge Legendary

Ancient War

Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Ifrin 2 Fire Spirit 186 Ancient War Common
Flaming Phoenix 3 Fire Beast 187 Ancient War Common
Yamainu 3 Water Beast 188 Ancient War Common
Skeleton Knight 3 Dark Demon 189 Ancient War Common
Kappa 4 Water Beast 190 Ancient War Common
Ruby Knight 4 Fire Human 191 Ancient War Common
Sapphire Knight 4 Water Human 192 Ancient War Common
Goblin Knight 4 Earth Demon 193 Ancient War Common
Kyubi 5 Fire Beast 194 Ancient War Common
Spirit Master Akiro 5 Earth Human 195 Ancient War Rare
Sun Wukong 5 Earth Human 196 Ancient War Rare
Samurai 5 Light Human 197 Ancient War Common
Black Witch Pheena 5 Dark Human 198 Ancient War Rare
Lightning Jellyfish 5 Water, Light Beast 199 Ancient War Uncommon
Ninja 5 Dark Human 200 Ancient War Uncommon
Fairy Alchemist 5 Earth Human 201 Ancient War Uncommon
Great Mage Datoh 6 Light Human 202 Ancient War Rare
Battle Knight 6 Fire, Dark Human 203 Ancient War Uncommon
Paladin 6 Water, Light Human 204 Ancient War Uncommon
Armored Stag Beetle 6 Earth Beast 205 Ancient War Common
Guardian 6 Light Human 206 Ancient War Uncommon
Cyclops 6 Dark Demon 207 Ancient War Common
Dragon Rider 6 Fire Human 208 Ancient War Rare
Gladiator 7 Fire Human 209 Ancient War Uncommon
Aquess 7 Water Spirit 210 Ancient War Uncommon
Dragon Hunter 7 Earth, Fire Human 211 Ancient War Rare
Behemoth 8 Fire Spirit 212 Ancient War Legendary
Ogre 8 Water, Fire Demon 213 Ancient War Uncommon
Shen Long 9 Light Dragon 214 Ancient War Legendary
Dragon Zombie 9 Dark Dragon 215 Ancient War Legendary

Proof of Glory

Name Cost Element Family Number Pack Rarity
Famitsu 4 Light Spirit 216 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Last Lady 5 Dark Demon 217 Proof of Glory Super Rare
218 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Sylvia Dragon Prince 5 Light Human 219 Proof of Glory Super Rare
EX Chimera 6 Fire Beast 220 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Horned Beast Albion 6 Light Beast 221 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Demon Cernunnos 6 Light, Dark divine 222 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Evil-Eyed Gladiator 7 Dark Human 223 Proof of Glory Super Rare
EX Ogre 8 Water, Fire Demon 224 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Sword Duke Asmodeus 8 Light Demon 225 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Judgment 9 Light Machine 226 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Grand Titan Jupiter 9 Earth Human 227 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Fire God Tashin 10 Fire Divine 228 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Water God Lyza 10 Water Divine 229 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Forest God Daike 10 Earth Divine 230 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Sky God Hadder 10 Light Divine 231 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Ruin God Lighan 10 Dark Divine 232 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Ancient Dragon 10 Water Dragon 233 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Galaxy Dragon 10 Fire Dragon 234 Proof of Glory Super Rare
Creation God Alfecca 20 Light, Dark Divine 235 Proof of Glory Super Rare
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