• XKosh Naranek77B5x

    Sword Master Asmodeus is pretty awesome. I mean, some player unleashed it upon me awhile ago and I was floored, lol.

    Having the Sword Master is one thing (a pretty cool thing). Actually GETTING the card is another matter entirely.

    In the current tourney, you're restricted to just using demon type monsters. Much to my surprise, that doesn't leave you with a whole lot of options. Well, not as much as I expected.

    This basically means, that most players tend to use the same card (or cards) over and over again. This isn't a bad thing; I mean, what else can you do?

    So, the most popular cards I've seen:

    1.) Ogre and his EX Ogre counter-part.

    2.) Goblin Knight

    3.) Beezlebub

    4.) Vampire

    ... and more but those are the ones I've seen the most.

    Now, Ogre i…

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  • Chaos380

    New member

    December 3, 2011 by Chaos380

    Hi everyone, I've been keeping tabs on this site for some time now, waiting for the card list to be finished (primarily so I can peruse cards at work, while I daydream/brainstorm new ideas... don't tell my boss). I decided to take it upon myself to complete the lists one set at a time, with Emperor's Revenge finished last night. I apologize if the format isn't 100% to code and for any typos as I was starting to fall asleep while I was typing.

    I've been playing pretty much since launch and like to think I have a pretty good handle on strategy and tactics for individual cards or combinations, so after the list is finished I'll fill out some of the blanks in the personal thoughts sections, assuming no one objects.

    P.S. The last tournament was…

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  • Peixe02

    Daily update

    November 24, 2011 by Peixe02

    I finished creating all the Otherworldly Visitor pack's cards! All of the pages now have complete informations about the cards, as well as the pictures of them, with their respective copyrights.

    Now this Wiki already have all The Legend Begins and Otherworldly Visitor pack's cards pages! :)

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x

    Well, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be out soon (or is out, or has been maybe out) by the time you read this.

    While I like the idea, and I think the game is going to be a good one, the notion of anybody (Marvel or Capcom) being pitted AGAINST Galactus?!

    That's just suicide, or plain masochism right there, folks.

    I've always wondered is it Marvel characters in the Capcom universe, or Capcom characters in the Marvel universe?

    In the Marvel universe (at least going by the '84 series of RPGs by TSR, which is a wealth of information btw, not counting the handbooks), most of the Capcom characters wouldn't make it past the heralds.

    In the Capcom universe, I suppose just about anything is possible. In that case, the Marvel characters would excel. B…

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  • XShadow187x

    I made the layout for the cards. It would be nice if someone could test it, it's kind of hard for me to transfer card info from my PS3 to the wiki because my PC and PS3 share a screen and I have to use a switch to alternate between the two.

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  • XShadow187x

    Is anyone else getting tired of horror movies? I watch this channel a lot, and I really didn't want to come home from school and do homework while watching horror movies :( A western movie would have been nice.

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  • Coffinfodder

    Get your Spirit family cards ready for the Scorpie Cup. This tournament is 10 rounds of first to win with a special bonus for surviving Spirit family cards! Prizes for the Scorpie Cup are 'Wraith Leeds Murphy' for the top 45% and 'Wind Queen Eisha' for 46%90%. Both cards are rares from the Sacred War pack and winning them sure beats paying for them! Remember, this Scorpie Cup is only open from 7pm central on 10-24 through 7pm central on 10-26.

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  • XShadow187x

    New background for wiki

    October 22, 2011 by XShadow187x

    Does everyone like this as a new background for the wiki? Thanks to Coffinfodder for the pic and idea!

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x

    Well, I've got to say, this tournament is pretty difficult...

    I mean, you're limited to only humanoid cards. While I tried to play with some variety in my selections, it all wound up me choosing a bunch of Ninjas and Samurais.

    Lost a few in the beginning...

    Now I'm up against a Japanese player (possibly, has the JPN designation at the end of their name).

    And it's Samurai vs. Samurai. We're whittling each other's life totals down slowly.

    We're both doing our Reactive Attack, lol!

    Turn 15 at the moment....

    ... and, turn 20.

    That was interesting. My opponent had a Samurai and Ninja on frontline. I had two Samurai frontline. We both had Dark Jewel, so it's a no-brainer there. Either he had some Dark Element monster (most likely a Ninja or two) a…

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  • Coffinfodder

    The Monster Collection Cup is now open! Tournament runs from 10-20 at 7pm thru 10-23 at 7pm central time. This time our prize is 'Sylvia Dragon Prince' for the top 40% and 5 tickets for runner-ups at 41%-85%. Tournament rules are first to win with Human Exclusive battles so expect to see a lot of ninja! There are ten rounds in this cup and you can get your prize from 10-24 until 11-02!

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x
    • sigh*

    Playing the recent tournament.

    Lost the first match, won the second and third.

    Lost every other match after that, except my last two.

    Did I play with complicated to include monsters? Sometimes.

    Did I try out a "one size fits all" kind of theme? Sort of... But not always.

    Did I try using simpler monsters? Probably not as much as I should've.

    Sometimes, I played against opponents that just happened to have almost the same monsters I was using. That was kind of interesting, but it's easy to be out-manuvered (and I was).

    Othertimes, and this happened the most, I was just counter-picked. In other words, the majority of my losses was just because the opponent happened to have just that right monster to wreck my setup.

    On other occassions, it's…

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x

    I was talking with a new friend late last night, and he mentioned how players tend to favor high-cost monsters and complex strategies. He then went on to say how those kinds of setups tend to fail versus lower cost monsters with straight-forward (for lack of a better term) attacks.

    On the one hand, I can see where he's coming from. A lot of monsters have really nice attacks, SP Skills, and Reversal skills and cost under 6 mana. The higher up you go in a monster's Mana cost, the more specific deck and the more fine tuning is required to make it work out. And even then, only under specific or very particular circumstances.

    There are some bouts that I've had, where I can definitely attest to this. The most common means that my opponent's hav…

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  • XShadow187x

    News from Hudson

    October 18, 2011 by XShadow187x

    I got this reply from them after I emailed them about using their site photos a week or so ago.

    "Thank you for using our product.

    I'm afraid to inform you that we don't permit to use photos from our website.

    We apologize for causing any inconvenience.

    Best regards,

    HUDSON webmaster"

    So.... yeah. No photos from their website.

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  • Coffinfodder

    Warsat Cup is now open! Get your Light Element monsters ready and fight for your very own copy of Sky God Hadder! This tournament is 10 rounds first to win and awards bonuses for each Light Element monster that you have left if you win. Top 35% of particapants recieve the above mentioned SR card and top 36%-85% get 5 tickets each. Tournament runs from 7pm central on 10-17 until 7pm central on 10-19 with prizes awarded on 10-20 thru 10-30!

    Hope to see you there!

    Coffinfodder 01:17, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x

    Sadly, I missed most of it, being at work today. And, since I'm GMT+10, I'm not sure if what I'm posting is actually later or earlier than when other people are seeing it?

    I'd love to talk about how much I like the series, but that would mean revealing some spoilers and that's not fair to folks.

    But, if you like watching zombie apocalypse type shows/movies (or just playing Resident Evil, lol) give the show a shot, you may be surprised. Who knows? You may even come to like it! :)

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x

    It's finally here, it's finally here! LOL

    I'm so excited!

    I think Atlus could've done Elemental Monsters too. You've got cards, which could also be Tarot cards. You've got some of the monsters/demons/entities with names you'd expect to find on some of the Personas.

    Especially the mythological ones. I think Athena has been in a few of the Personas already.

    I know that when I played the first Persona on the PSX and then Persona 2:EP, I recall her being around.

    Anyways, the anime is just awesome!

    I'm thinking of playing the Velvet Room theme when I'm deck editing, and maybe a few of the boss/battle themes while I challenge opponents...

    Reach out to the Truth, everyone!

    "Use your might to the A.I.'s do justice to them all..." (I'm looking at you, …

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  • XKosh Naranek77B5x

    Well, been going through some battles in the Scorpie Cup, and I have to say that players use light elemental monsters a whole hell of a lot, lol.

    That, and Seperate Formation.

    So far, my opponents have mainly used Djinns, Cockatrices... Mostly Djinnns.

    There are a few opponents that have taken some high cost monsters and put them in their decks (and promptly defeated me, lol).

    It's been fun!

    Yeah, so I had to surrender those times I lost... But, I really didn't see anyway out of the battle situations I was in.

    The most exciting part of the battles for me, anyway, is when both monsters have the same AGI, no preemptive strike, and it's a toss of the dice who goes first. And that attack determines which monster survives.

    I've had a few opponent's su…

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  • XShadow187x

    Please make an account on wikia (or sign in when you make an edit if you already made a wikia account), it's weird getting e-mails saying a mysterious visitor is editing the site.

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  • XShadow187x

    For those of you that don't know, Hudson has a site for this game.

    I ask that you don't use photos (monster pics, card pack pictures) from their site unless they say it's fine.

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