Birth of Deities is an expansion pack for Elemental Monsters that is not available to open in single player mode. Cards from Birth of Deities are available only from ranked online battles or can be purchased in the Playstaion Store.

Birth of Deities is an advanced set that focuses on the Divine creature family, drawing much of it's material from Greek mythology. Several strong cards in Birth of Deities look for specific attributes such as Commander Belial, Medousa and Typhon. Birth of Deities also contains two cycles, the Sacred Servants and the Monoliths, both of which are stong support cards for each element. With other stong cards like Morpher Dryad, Cerberus, Nova and the Deities themselves its no wonder that Birth of Deities is XKosh Naranek77B5x's favorite pack! (Specified cards may not be XKosh Naranek77B5x's favorite cards)

Complete Cards List for Birth of Deities:Edit

Total of: 12 Common, 9 Uncommon, 6 Rare, 3 Legendary Cards -Complete Elemental Monster card list-

Name Cost Element Family Number Rarity
Sacred Servant Enne 2 Fire Spirit 096 Common
Red Monolith 2 Fire Machine 097 Common
Sacred Servant Sui 2 Water Spirit 098 Common
Blue Monolith 2 Water Machine 099 Common
Sacred Servant Moku 2 Earth Spirit 100 Common
Green Monolith 2 Earth Machine 101 Common
Gold Monolith 2 Light Machine 102 Common
Sacred Servant Koh 2 Light Spirit 103 Common
Sacred Servant Ann 2 Dark Spirit 104 Common
Black Monolith 2 Dark Machine 105 Common
Frau 3 Water Spirit 106 Uncommon
Incense Magic Kara 3 Water Demon 107 Legendary
Morpher Dryad 3 Earth Spirit 108 Common
Salamander 5 Fire Spirit 109 Uncommon
Undine 5 Water Spirit 110 Uncommon
Gnome 5 Earth Spirit 111 Uncommon
Cerberus 5 Dark Beast 112 Uncommon
Nova 6 Light Machine 113 Uncommon
Medousa 6 Water Demon 114 Uncommon
Large Angel Plumage 6 Light Machine 115 Common
Persephone 7 Dark Divine 116 Uncommon
Commander Belial 7 Fire, Dark Demon 117 Uncommon
Beast Leader Vasago 7 Dark Demon 118 Rare
Athena 8 Fire Divine 119 Rare
Poseidon 8 Water Divine 120 Rare
Ares 8 Earth Divine 121 Rare
Typhon 9 Water, Dark Demon 122 Rare
Apollon 9 Light Divine 123 Rare
Hades 9 Dark Divine 124 Legendary
Zeus 10 Light Divine 125 Legendary

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