Name: Beast Leader Vasago

Type: R (Rare)

Element: Dark

Family: Demon

Cost: 7

No. 118

Pack: "Birth of Deities"

HP: 71

AGI: 33


Abilities: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Dark / Beast Combo / no cost / 19 / Increases this monster's ATK by 10 when there is a Paw (Beast?) monster in your standby monsters.

- non-elemental / Roaring Command / 2 / 0 / Increases all of your standby monsters' ATK by 10.

SP Skill:

Cost: 6 / Increases your Paw (Beast?) monsters' ATK by 10.






Personal Thoughts: While I don't personally have this card, I have run into it versus a human opponent. My opponent at the time was running Vasago with a Ninja , Sacred Servant Ann (I think) and Skull Master Nebiros . The Ninja has an insane AGI value as it was, but combined with the above listed monsters, became powerful...

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