Name: Angel Teresa

Type: U (Uncommon)

Element: Light

Family: Divine

Cost: 6

No. 143

Pack: "Sacred War"

HP: 62

AGI: 38


Ability: (Listed in order of Element, Name, Cost, Attack, Effect)

- Light / Saint Arrow / 1 / 28 / This monster recovers 5 HP.

- Light / Meditation / 0 / 0 / Increases this monster's ATK by 4 and AGI by 4.

SP Skill:

Cost: 6 / Increases you summoned monster's ATK by 10. The opponent's summoned monster recovers 20 HP.


Cost: 4 / All of your monsters recover [turns passed x 2] in HP.




Personal Thoughts: Teresa has a high Agility. Her SP skill, while it can be benefical, it takes a bit of timing to use, probably best to use it on your summoned monster when the opponent's monster has full HP. Saint Arrow can have some potential, but it's probably through Teresa's Meditation attack that you'll see it. The only thing is, Meditation while it costs nothing to use, it does zero damage as well. Plus, for sure (unless there's a good reason not to) your opponent is going to hit Teresa. Not to mention the fact that if you swap out Teresa, all the buffs are lost...

Compare the +10 to ATK at 6 mana, SP skill to the Wind Sword Zephyrus. Zephyrus can give a bonus of +10 to attack. It is then sacrifced, and gives you +3 mana. Even if you have to use it through it's SP skill (which costs 3 mana) you get +3 mana back. Though you are down one less monster, and the Wind Sword can't fight, it's another option to consider.

While I like the artwork, and Teresa presents a lot of ideas, I just think her SP skill should've cost less (I mean, you are basically giving back to your opponent 20 points of life). Now, if your chosen monster to receive this buff happens to have an elemental attack that is the nemesis of the opponent's monster that's great, 20 points of HP won't help too much. But at a cost of 6 mana... Mana can be at a premium the longer the battle drags on.

I'm still trying to find a way to put Teresa in a setup that involves her being a frontline attacker, and not just used for her SP Skill. She is good versus Dark elemental monsters, sure, but with the multitude of ways to kill any monster, it's hard to get her stats high enough (and this is just versus the CPU, I haven't tried it out versus human opponents yet).

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