Ancient War is an expansion pack to the Elemental Monster game that is not available in Single Player Mode. Cards from Ancient War may be opened only from ranked online battles or purchased on the Playstation Store.

Ancient War is an intermediate pack that adds many powerful cards to Elemental Monster. Sevaral of the basic monsters are very strong including Ruby Knight, Goblin Knight and Gladiator. This pack includes several more advanced cards that offer huge advantages for strategic players (Paladin, Battle Knight, Ninja and Samurai) and some interesting support cards (Ifrin and Guardian for example). All in all Ancient War offers to add a lot of power to your punch (it is Coffinfodder's favorite pack).

Complete Card List for Ancient War:Edit

Total of: 12 Common, 9 Uncommon, 6 Rare, 3 Legendary Cards -Complete Elemental Monster card list-

Name Cost Element Family Number Rarity
Ifrin 2 Fire Spirit 186 Common
Flaming Phoenix 3 Fire Beast 187 Common
Yamainu 3 Water Beast 188 Common
Skeleton Knight 3 Dark Demon 189 Common
Kappa 4 Water Beast 190 Common
Ruby Knight 4 Fire Human 191 Common
Sapphire Knight 4 Water Human 192 Common
Goblin Knight 4 Earth Demon 193 Common
Kyubi 5 Fire Beast 194 Common
Spirit Master Akiro 5 Earth Human 195 Rare
Sun Wukong 5 Earth Human 196 Rare
Samurai 5 Light Human 197 Common
Black Witch Pheena 5 Dark Human 198 Rare
Lightning Jellyfish 5 Water, Light Beast 199 Uncommon
Ninja 5 Dark Human 200 Uncommon
Fairy Alchemist 5 Earth Human 201 Uncommon
Great Mage Datoh 6 Light Human 202 Rare
Battle Knight 6 Fire, Dark Human 203 Uncommon
Paladin 6 Water, Light Human 204 Uncommon
Armored Stag Beetle 6 Earth Beast 205 Common
Guardian 6 Light Human 206 Uncommon
Cyclops 6 Dark Demon 207 Common
Dragon Rider 6 Fire Human 208 Rare
Gladiator 7 Fire Human 209 Uncommon
Aquess 7 Water Spirit 210 Uncommon
Dragon Hunter 7 Earth, Fire Human 211 Rare
Behemoth 8 Fire Spirit 212 Legendary
Ogre 8 Water, Fire Demon 213 Uncommon
Shen Long 9 Light Dragon 214 Legendary
Dragon Zombie 9 Dark Dragon 215 Legendary

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